Beauty and the Beast Set
Costumes, Orchestra, Set construction, rights, etc.

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As we approach our final production of the season, and reflect on a season of magic and adventure, of journeys and discovery, the trials of finding yourself and of never growing up, with more shows and opportunities for students to shine, we are invigorated that the work that we do plays a vital role in providing enriching, transformational and educational niche for our students and our community. Which is why we need your help!

Theatre helps high school students gain confidence, teaches them to deal with real life situations, provides countless participation opportunities, requires a significant commitment, and entertains the community.  Theatre educates! Please consider supporting Dartmouth High theatre productions!

Because we are a school based program, your support is entirely tax deductible under the U.S. tax code and your efforts go to supporting a program that gives students an opportunity to explore the amazing world of the theatre.

Play Costs

It might surprise you to learn that we do not receive funding. Thus far, everything we are able to accomplish is done through hard work, dedication, and ticket sales.

Funds raised by the DHTC help defray costs for:

Production rights for each play, scripts, music scores, set construction, lumber, paint and materials, tools, costume rental and purchase, lighting, microphones, sound, orchestra, etc.

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Set Construction

Set Materials

Set Construction

Set Construction

Fudge in the car!

Props, Costumes, mic's